About Us
LCH Leadership

LCH is a community that fosters and equips all God's people in their gifts.

Each year, the LCH community gathers to discern, call, and equip leaders to direct and lead the various ministries of our faith community.

Each leadership group, while charged with responsibilities, is grounded in caring for each other, in the study of scripture, and then carries on its work.

The Board of Trustees manages the business aspects of the congregation from property to financial ministries as well as empowering strategic planning.

The Congregation Council gathers to oversee the implentation of the Strategic Plan for Ministry as well as evaluate current ministries, discern new ones, and equip the community for God's work.

The Transition Team has been in place since the spring of 2012 to help facilitate the move into Ministry Teams and permission giving ministry.  The Transition Team serves both the Council and the Congregation at large.

For more information on LCH Leadership, contact Pastor Scott at pscott@lchope.org or our President, Mr. Mark Cooper at president@lchope.org.