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Renewing Hope

Renewing Hope is a multi-year intiative at Lutheran Church of Hope that was hatched from the initial Strategic Plan for ministry unaimously approved by the congregation in May 2009.  Renewing Hope is first and foremost about 'sharing and transforming faith, hopes, and lives.' 

With the Strategic Plan for Ministry bringing forth bold ministry intiatives combined with the LCH facility aging and in near of renovation, a new campus masterplan was approved by the congregation in the fall of 2010.  Additionally, a feasibility study led by Kirby-Smith Associates, assisted the congregation in prioritizing its ministries for facilities upgrades and expansion.  To date, there are two phases to the Renewing Hope Master Campus Plan.

In the late spring of 2011, ground was broken for a new fellowship hall and a complete renovation of the exisiting facility of Lutheran Church of Hope.  In addition to a new Fellowship Hall that can seat up to 250+ people, Christian education space was completely remodeled, offices for staff and volunteers re-configured, as well as the establishment of the 'Chapel of the Crosses' and a slight remodel of the Nave.  All restroom at LCH now are ADA accessible, and in different places throughout the building, LED lighting has been installed as we work towards being a 'green' congregation. 

Phase 1 of Renewing Hope was dedicated by Bishop Allan Bjornberg on Sunday, April 15, 2012. 

Phase 2 of Renewing Hope although outlined in the Facilities Master Plan continues to evolve as do our ministry initiatives.  As the Strategic Plan for Ministry is updated, so do our needs in our facility and campus.  As of the Summer of 2012, Renewing Hope Phase 2 is anticipated to commence in 4-5 years.  Currently major parts of Phase 2 include (but are not limited to):

  • a completely renovated liturgical worship space seating somewhere between 300-400 complete with audio/visual technology;
  • a new education wing with flexible spaces for innovative and evolving Christian education across generations
  • a new early childhood center that will allow LCH to reach out into the community welcoming young ones, cradle to kindergarten on a daily basis year round
  • a music rehearsal room and music storage
  • showers
  • an upper-elementary aged appropriate play area
  • expanded seating in the chapel of the crosses from 50 to 80.
  • office addition for expanding staff
  • outdoor worship area.

Here are the current Phase 2 drawings. Floor Plan and Master Footprint

These things can and will change as Lutheran Church of Hope continues to live into Renewing Hope through its Strategic Plan for Ministry.  Stay tuned and keep in touch - or better yet - come and see and engage your faith in Renewing Hope and see how your life, faith, and hopes - and those around you may be transformed!