Youth and Family Ministry

Youth and Family Ministry at Lutheran Church of Hope (LCH) educates and creates excitement in young people towards their faith.  We offer ministries that are cross generational, believing that adults and youth can learn from each other in a safe and healthy place.  We constantly seek to equip parents and other adults to be models and mentors at home and in the church for young people.  Here’s just a sampling of what we are about.

SPLASH!  Cradle Roll Ministry:  From birth to age three are important moments of faith formation for both child and adult.  So we believe its important to equip young families with ideas and ways they can talk about faith at home.  For the first 36 months of life, LCH mails to each young family a newsletter that tells ways to do and talk about faith with our youngest members.  Each birthday will come with a musical CD with music for that age starting with lullabies to traditional Children’s Christian songs.

Milestone Ministries: enables both young and old together to mark faith milestones such as baptism, learning the Lord’s prayer, receiving 1st Bibles, 1st Communion, Confirmation, and High School Graduation with special times and worship rituals.  Check out our Milestone Ministries brochure for more information.  (Click PDF File)

Confirmation:  A specific time, usually around 7th and 8th grades, where young people meet with PScott and Miss Beth focusing in how faith and their lives relate to one another.  Confirmation usually meets on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings with experiences ranging from general instruction and discussion time to dinners with the Pastor to service events, and of course, always fun fellowship activities and retreats.  Each year Confirmands have the opportunity to attend Confirmation Camp in the summer at one of our Lutheran Outdoor Ministries.  

Confirmation culminates in young people being blessed by their parents and loved ones as they take primary responsibility for their faith journeys with continued prayer and support from Lutheran Church of Hope.

High School Youth:  High School youth meet twice each week, on Wednesday evenings for fellowship and activities and on Sunday mornings for more in-depth discussion on faith and life.  Each school year, there are also opportunities for service events, mini retreats, and youth gatherings.  Every summer, High School youth usually participate a week-long or so adventure which has been attending the ELCA Youth Gathering, a high-adventure Outdoor Ministry, or service/mission trip.