Reaching Out

Our evangelism ministry teams at Lutheran Church of Hope are all about sharing the goodness of Jesus with visitors, regular attendees and members of LCH.  Evangelism is rooted in relationships, so a lot of what we do is about learning and discovering who we are and how we all work together for the body of Christ.

Here are some of the ministries we do around Evangelism:


What’s happening around Lutheran Church of Hope (LCH)?  Well,  the short answer is, A LOT!  So how can I keep up to date with what’s happening at Lutheran Church of Hope?  Well, here’s just some of the ways we try to keep you in touch with all our happenings:

Our Calendar of Events…available on the web (click here)  

Weekly Anchor found in the Sunday Bulletin           
Weekly ‘e-Anchor’ email usually sent on Thursday or Friday of each week  
Monthly ‘Anchor’ Newsletter

 Visitor Follow-up

For visitors who fill-out a response sheet in worship on a Sunday, they’ll be contacted by one of our visitation teams who will want to come by and say ‘thank you’ for visiting our community, and to get to know your
story a little better.  They won’t try to sell you LCH, because we believe that LCH will sell itself.

Coordinating New Member Connect Classes

After visiting a while, you might be ready to make a commitment to be part of the LCH community, as a member.  New member classes are offered twice a year (usually in the fall and spring).  The classes cover some faith basics, how our church works, and provide an opportunity to get to know ministry leaders throughout our community and to connect to a ministry of our congregation.  It’s our bold hope that all new members will be connected with at least one ministry as they join our congregation.

Always a hit throughout the New Member Classes is the New Member Social with New Members, our congregation council, and staff.

Spiritual Gifts Ministry

How’s God working through your life?  We are promised in the Bible that indeed God does use each one of us daily for the sake of the world through our Spiritual Gifts.  Currently we offer three Spiritual Gifts
Mini-Retreats a year that help people ‘discover God working in their lives.’   Not only will participants discover their gifts, they’ll walk away with a plan on to begin sharing their gifts with the community and the world!

Member Re-energization

Ministry activities that serve the Purpose, "When you are a part of this community, you are noticed."  It is that simple and yet, so wonderful!