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Giving to LCH

To give is to live!  From its very beginning, Lutheran Church of Hope (LCH) has been committed to sharing its blessings through generosity of time, talent, and treasure.

We're serious here at LCH about talking with each other and discovering together the gifts that God has given us, and then gernously using them to share and transform faith, hopes, and lives! 

God continues to bless us with resources for ministry that enable lives to impacted with Renewing Hope.  So yes, we talk about giving here, because its in giving that we fulfill our God's vision and mission for our life together as a congregation, and as people of God.

LCH currently has three main funds that support and provide reosurces for our current ministries.  They are:

  • The General Fund - Provides the everyday resources for ministries, facilities, and staffing
  • The Renewing Hope Building Fund - Provides the capital for paying down our principal investment for Phase 1 Construction, laying the foundation for Phase 2 construction in 2016.
  • The Foundation of Hope Endowment Fund - An Endowment Fund whose interest only off the principal  investment can be used to start creative and imaginative ministries, provide scholarships to youth for a variety of occasions, and provide resources for extra ministry events outside of the everyday ministries of LCH.  Click here for more information about the Foundation of Hope Fund.

In addition to these three main funds for ministry, there are opportunities at LCH to give towards specific ministries at different times of the years, provide memorial gifts in the name of loved ones, the Good Samaritan Fund which assists those in need, as well as giving to something on the 'LCH Wish List.'

If you are interested in making a gift to LCH, and have a question, please contact our Pastor at pscott@lchope.org.



You can give to LCH electronically through SecureGive or electronically through your own financial institution.

LCH encourages offerings and gifts through stocks and other securities as well.  Click here for information how to make these gifts to LCH.

Be sure to specify with your gift where you would like it to go, otherwise we'll contact you.

Thanks be to God for your generosity!