Weddings and Funerals

Lutheran Church of Hope marks major life milestones with worship liturgies, the two most common being weddings and funerals (aka Memorial services).


Weddings for Lutheran Church of Hope can be scheduled by contacting the church office at office@lchope.org and setting up an initial appointment with the Pastor.  All weddings at Lutheran Church of Hope will be resided by our Pastor, unless arrangements are made with our Pastor. Couples will meet with the Pastor at least three times prior to their scheduled wedding for pre-marital counseling.  Weddings can be
scheduled on any day and/or evening with exception of Sunday mornings.  Our pastor is available for weddings that are held off-site and will preside at weddings of both members and non-members of the church.


Funerals or Memorial Liturgies


Funerals or Memorial Liturgies mark the passage of life to death and provide an opportunity for the community to gather to give thanks to God for the deceased, hear the promise of resurrection proclaimed, and console one another in grieving.  Funerals or Memorial Services can be scheduled by contact the church
office at office@lchope.org.  Our pastor will assist families in planning a Christian funeral as well as provide
pastoral care in the time of a loved one’s death. 


Lutheran Church of Hope is able to host receptions either before or after a funeral or memorial liturgy. 

Lutheran Church of Hope is available for both member and non-member funerals and liturgies. Holy
Communion is celebrated at all funerals and memorial lituriges.



  Click here for a LCH Life Passages Brochure for more information on funerals at LCH