Giving to LCH
ELCA Mission Support and Giving

As a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Lutheran Church of Hope (LCHope) understands itself as part an eco-system that enables ministries that we as a congregation would not be able to do on our own. LCHope supports ministries in both our synod (area) and through our churchwide organization.

In its 2017-18 Ministry/Fiscal Year, LCHope gives an estimated 6% of all general fund offerings to the Rocky Mountain Synod, ELCA to support and equip ministries in the synod and churchwide such as campus ministry, global missionaries, world hunger and disaster relief, Lutheran social services, ELCA colleges and universities, public advocacy, education and formation of future church leaders including Pastors, new church starts and existing church revitalizations.  Since 2009, LCHope has been raising its Mission support at least .5% towards its goal of the congregation reaching at least 10% of all general fund offerings to be given in support of synod and churchwide ministries, each ministry/fiscal year, raising it.

Additionally, as the need arises, LCHope is able to offer special offerings in direct support of the ELCA World Hunger Appeal, as well as for Lutheran Disaster Response, when a disaster has occurred.

LCHope also supports local ministries within the Northwest Metro Denver area through financial and other means, such as North Denver Food Cares Pantry, FISH, Sister Carmen, Step 13, A Precious Child, and Feed the Homeless. 

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