Worship is central to our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ. In Worship we hear the proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ, receive God's gifts of grace through the sacraments (Holy Communion, Baptism), pray together for God's Church and sing and hear inspiring music that lifts our hearts towards God.

 Lutheran Church of Hope worships in a style that will seem very familiar to many Christians throughout the world. Our music comes from all over God's world and reflects the rich diversity of our Lutheran heritage while also engaging new styles and varieties from around the world.

 We follow the traditional four part Ordo (order in Latin) of Gathering, Word, Meal and Sending. Organ, piano, and a band accompany our worship services.  Our musical styles vary, our preaching is lively and connects to daily life.  We also find power and wonder in the sacred and transcendent moments of Worship. We have a high regard for the sacraments and welcome ALL to the table for Holy Communion each week.